9 Compelling Reasons  Why
You Need tofu in your Diet

  • Heart Health – Contains 15% of the daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids, a heart healthy substance
  • Reduces chances of Cancer – A very important, scientifically proven fact, is that Tofu reduces the chance of your body becoming cancerous.
  • High iron value – provides 35% of the required daily value
  • Reduces Cholesterol – not only is tofu low in cholesterol but it can help reduce your cholesterol levels.
  • Reduces Osteoporosis Risk,  a bone disorder Promotes Kidney Health
  • Menopause – tofu helps maintain hormone levels and regain any estrogen loss.
  • Prostate Conditions for Men – Prevents prostate cancer, asthma and arthritis in men.
  • Strong Muscles and Extra Energy – PA small serving of tofu covers 18% of an adult’s daily requirement of protein
  • Weight Loss – PLow in saturated fat and sodium, Contains only 60-70 calories per serving.


17 Things About Tofu vs Paneer vs Chicken vs Egg You May Not Have Known

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8 ways to replace Paneer with plain tofu in your diet

  1. Saute with your Stir fry vegetables
  2. Replace paneer in your Indian curries like Matar Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Bhurji etc.
  3. Use a slice of tofu, raw or grilled, as a fillet for your sandwich/ burger
  4. Grill plain tofu on a pan and have with Peanut Sauce
  5. Add tofu instead of Potato in your samosas in your filling
  6. Make Tofu Pakodas instead of Paneer Pakodas
  7. Scramble the tofu , add some spices and use that mixture to make your stuffed Paranthas/ Rotis every morning.
  8. Have Scrambled Tofu instead of Egg in your diet

How can we help you?

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Have it Raw as a snack instead of Cottage Cheese (Paneer)


  • 1 block Murginns Vegetable Tofu
  • Pinch of Chaat Masala


  1. Cut a block of ready to eat tofu into small cubes.
  2. Sprinkle some chaat masala on top of it.
  3. Have it as a snack raw, with drinks instead of paneer if you want to go the healthy way.

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